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How to Properly Take Care of the Elderly

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As one of the leading providers of caregiver education in California, we are experts when it comes to senior care. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Many seniors enjoy the comfort of being in their own homes. So, as much as possible, keep care at home. Companion care or other home care services may be provided. This ensures that they get the support they need without having to live elsewhere.

Care must be coordinated. This means that everyone providing care for the seniors, whether they are professionals or not, must have their services coordinated. This includes the loved ones, the home care aide, the primary physician, the physical therapist, and even the hired housekeeper who may only come once a week.

Allow them to stay social. Seniors are at risk of depression and isolation so, it is important to give them opportunities to play active roles within the family and in the community. Encourage them to go out and meet new people who share their interests.

Create an environment that is safe for them. Because of their weakened physical capabilities, they become more prone to falls and injuries. So, make sure their home is free from tripping hazards and has senior safety devices installed.

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